Tips and College Essay Examples

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Looking to put together a good college essay? Scouring for tips and tricks on how to put together a decent essay? Take control of your essay writing today by using this amazing guide.

Tips and Tricks and College Application Essay Examples

Essay may not be a four letter word but you might find yourself using such words of your own when putting together one. A lot of students would rather jump over a cliff with a rock tied to their ankles that sit down and put together an application essay. We do understand this. It is not easy to put together an outstanding essay when one does not have college personal essay examples and due to the many activities involved like research, brainstorming, arranging, editing, and writing. A student would rather put these all off and sit back on a Saturday afternoon and catch up on a favorite television show.

Types of Essays and Examples of Their Uses

In order for a student to differentiate the types of essays one needs to have essay examples for college and one’s role as the writer you could. Does the author want to write about a significant personal experience, explain a problem, describe something or convince a reader? The major types of essays aim at addressing these purposes:
Narrative Essays; in this type of essay the writer aims at telling a story about a real life experience. While this type of essay may seem so easy, it usually challenges students to reflect and write about themselves. When putting together this kind of essay, the writer should try to be vivid as possible by involving the audience. Normally, these essays are written in first person so this allows the writer involve the reader. A brilliant narrative essay will build towards making a personal statement or a conclusion. This can be seen on a personal statement on our college entrance essay examples.
Descriptive Essays; this is almost similar to the narrative essay but this type of essay usually paints a picture in words. The writer may describe a place, person, object or a memory of significance. However, you are not just supposed to describe for the sake of describing. The essay should show a deeper meaning through the description. The writer is supposed to show, not tell the reader by the use of sensory details and colorful words. A good descriptive essay should appeal to the emotions of the reader.
Expository Essays; this is type of essay is informative and provides a balanced analytical approach of a topic. In this type of essay the author defines or explains a subject using, statistics, examples and facts. There are a number of essay variations involved in this type of essay the best college essay examples include cause and effect essays, compare and contrast essays among many others.

Persuasive Essays; similar to expository essay this type of essay relies on presentation of facts, the objective of this essay is to convince the audience that the point of view of the writer is valid. The author is required to build a support using logic and facts in addition to expert opinions, sound reasoning and examples. The writer should not consider or focus on one side but present both sides of an argument. The examples of essay variations that involve this type of essay are endless. You may ask ‘why this college essay examples are endless?’ this is because most essays in college and university are generally persuasive essays.

The writing of different types of essays has become quite essential in achieving academic excellence. Essays are the most common form of essay assignments, a requirement on college applications and part of standardized tests. Some examples include economic, biology or college admission essay examples. On most of these cases the type of essays are quite different and in order for a student to master the art of essay writing one has to understand the different types of essays involved and good college essay examples.